You called it love and in me you just got lost,
And made me believe, the eternal love,
Is not just the lust,
But it’s the pristine water or the elixir,
That balances the universal existence,
Running down the veins through the heart,
Upon the life full of desire, hope and despair.

You brought the time full of joy,
And make me believe the happiness,
Is always mingled with the clouds of sorrows,
Where you have to get drenched sometime,
And get tanned sometimes,
But the belief in oneself soothes and heals the time,
Bringing back the moments we want to live in.

If this is the love what they call,
Mesmerizing the one inside of you,
Just like the flowing river from the snowy mountain,
Then I would like to get loved, moreover give love,
To the life, to the light, to the one living in me,
Below the heart, on the pillow that made me,
Inspired me and taught me to love in life.

Yes, I know the smile of yours,
The curves of the sacrifices you made for me,
It was not just fake or so made,
But were the life props filled with the booze of love,
And you were just the drunkard,
Stumbling upon the every fault I made,
Saving me, caring me and giving me,
The happiness of calling you ‘MOTHER’.

published in Republica


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