­­­­­­­­City life


Imagine that the world is now multitude of cities,

Where the sky is just starving to see its reflection,

Birds advancing in their aeronautical skills,

And trees are praying their deities for Moksha.

A place where dreams are more than flies,

Flapping wings in the eternal sky of hope and courage,

A place where you can buy everything,

Everything from dignity to destiny,

And hug to love, in a nearby square.

A place where skill unfurls its petals,

But sometimes just rot away.

Life of comfort and ease,

With a cocktail of dust and smoke,

A heaven within the hell consisting,

Rum in the bars and girls in the red,

Fun in the cars and dreams of the bed,

With Music and movies, mall and the marts,

A bouquet to the country life

Embedded with an aroma of civilization,

Development, degradation and distress,

Just tickle us all, lure us all………..

[Published in Republica]


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