Simplicity of Love

Love may be a short form of Life over Versatile Evolution. What does it mean, I never thought, and never ever will think afterward because love is not a thing to be defined; it is neither an expression nor even a faith. Love simply just loves. I never bother finding the definition of love. Love, still I don’t know the real meaning of love or anything of it. Love seems to be complex for me, an abstract that can never be solved never can be totally discovered.

Love though can’t be defined but still the term always invokes us to define it. I don’t know why but I am not defining it, I am simply trying to describe its peripherals. The simplicity of love doesn’t include complexity of sensual or sexual love, nor love of god but just simply love, being tender, really gentle in one’s whole approach to all things.

I previously said the thing, something, Life over Versatile Evolution. It’s not a definition of love but it simply says life depends on love, even though we may take various forms, from deities to dogs, our life means love.

Love, the feeling of the need of something, the feeling of the need of something to be better, which is the perfume of life, extraordinarily arduous;  requires a great deal of intelligence, insight.

Love has two most important things:  loving other and most important, want to be loved.

Loving other is just a thing of wanting other to be good, or say best. When something hurts your loved ones and you just become restless even though you have the luxury of all heavens, that’s love, real love for someone or something.

Most important is that why we always want to be loved.When you say that you love someone and in return want yourself to be loved even when someone other is not happy, that is not love. You want to be loved because you do not love. You ask for something when you don’t have anything. So you ask to be loved if you have no love in your heart. And the person with no love in his heart is no less comparable to a nonliving thing or a dead thing. When a dead thing asks for something it is still dead and cannot find love wandering out with his begging bowl to fill up with love.

Love is factual, it is not emotional, something to be cried upon or over, it is not a sentiment. Love has no sentimentality about it at all.  Love is to give completely your soul, mind, your heart, your whole being and not ask a thing in return, not put out a begging bowl to receive love.

(inspired from J. Krishnamurti)


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