I quit in Love


I quit in love with the cloudburst from my eyes dribbling down the cheeks,
And quit visualizing your tantalizing smile.

I quit all the memories with the lantern of jubilantly mesmerizing melodious happiness,
And quit concatenating with your adoring style.

I quit residing between the walls of your ecstatic heart with the poignant feelings of loneliness,
And quit fighting your unconquerable destiny.

I quit you and your belongings ignoring your ubiquitous
presence in the maze of my heart wandering here and there,
And quit dazzling my feelings before your shinny.

I quit the perpetual sense of being you erasing my name from your sacrosanct forehead,
And quit flirting your presence,gorgeous universe.

I quit rhyming with your ravishingly fluttering eyelashes with rusted pen of my thoughts,
And quit writing you, only you in every verse.


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