Words Are World

What you think the world is made of?
Of water or soil or the insanity of god?
I think Of words the world is made,
Of words, the world is made,
Everything is made with jumble and crumble,
Words of rage and words those are humble,
Words that develop and words that destroy,
The power of god, the faith, and belief,
Everything is word, the truth, and the lies,
Everywhere is word, the war and the peace,
Words of love and words of hate, everything,
This world and its fate are just words, are just words,

The heaven and the hell,
The stories and the tale,
The greatness of god,
The glory of this mud,
Friend and the foe,
From head to toe,
Everything is words,
Everywhere are words,
Making the world, breaking the world,
Taking the world from fantasies to realities,
Words are world,
Words are world,
Words are the world.




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