Good Things

Good times never come in bundles,
They come scattered all over our life,
So the taste of happiness remains forever,
In our heart provoking us to endure pains and sacrifices,
For that, only instant of happiness,
For that incredible taste!
When world seems large and the people around you important,
The selfishness reaping your soul reaps itself away,
Then the world you see, glitters and shines,
You hear a music that makes you dance,
Like the trees dance after giving us all the air we need.

These are the things I was taught,
When my feet didn’t even know to endure the pain of walking,
But good things sets in pure mind,a core mind,
A newly made mind, so did in mine,
And they got attached to me like my own body parts,
Pulling me out of every dungeon of selfishness,
And my heart operates those parts rather than my brain,
So freely, that, with every beat,it says ‘Let me give’.

Good things are sugar that sweetens this world,
Like that in milk you drink,
Nourishing the lives with smile and kindness,
Until eternity towards the brink,
Good things brings good times,
Happiness and peace shines.
You just need to have a wish,
And every day try to do this:
Let your face shine like that of pearl,
Let your tongue be soft and polite,
So that when someone sees you,
You remind them
A good time, comes with good things.

These are the things I was taught,
When my life was just beginning to take a leap,
To dive into this enormous world deep and deep.­­


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