She triggered out my unfathomable love for her,

And plucked out the whole battalion of red roses;

She dropped her eyelashes to remove my image,

And drenched me, make me wake from vivacious fantasy.

She scratches my perpetually propelling feelings,

And thereby showered her salty false tears upon it;

She with her seductive whisper spell out four letters,

And there, vanished my sweet castle of dreams.

She babbled out the whirlwind of her aggression,

And exploited my sacred enthralling smile for her;

She scattered my blazing garland of love for her,

And decorated her house crushing down my heart.

She spat my warm kisses with her euphoric smile,

And humiliated my paradoxical love beyond endurance;

She ignored me, my and mine into the brooding silence,

Leaving me alone with an enigmatic smile on her face.


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