The biological structure of your body,

Perfectly carved waist,curves and lips,

Precisely measured height and the tone of your skin,

Defines no beauty at all;

To me,

The sense of appreciation for you and your beauty,

Is no more than a handful of water dripping my whole body.

Beauty means Shine,

Shine, just like of sun, warm and delight,

If you have ever seen a mother after having her first baby,

You will know that shine, the beauty in her face,


The beauty when you see children playing in the yard…….

Beauty is spiritual,

Beauty is godly,

Beauty is magnanimous,

Beauty is where high heels couldn’t reach,

Beauty is what those eyes with mascara couldn’t fetch,

Beauty is purity, a spiritual levitation,

Beauty is uplifting your thoughts,

Alighting yourself with humanity,

Simple prosecution of your existence,

And beauty was never ever biological,

Beauty never meant curves and shape of your structure.

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