I had  felt the warmth inside my mother’s womb,

Warmth, which still prevails inside my heart,

And I keep most of my things there,

As it is the safest place to keep things,

I think, collect and analyze different things,

In a perfect way, just don’t reveal my excitation,

I am not short of words as you may have assumed,

Nor lack an educational behavior on languages,

I am quiet, not mute or a dumb,

And that’s what makes me creative,

Ideas and creativity blooms out,

I do like things on my own,


No, you got me wrong!

You can presume me as an introvert,

No, I am not a shy,

Shyness limits me,

I am far better than shy,

I don’t speak much,

For I care your opinion, your feelings,

And if that’s what it meant to be an introvert,

Yes, I am an introvert,

I keep my feelings safe so they don’t hurt you,

Yes, I am an introvert,

Laced with solitude,

Not loneliness!

Solitude is quite different,

An indispensable agent that helps me to think,

Defines me everything floating into my confusion,

Uphold my creation to its best,

And this is what I want me to be,

I may not speak the most cheerful things,

I may not give out the gestures of smart ass,

I may not be socially mature,

Nor have any manner of greeting,

But I have warmth in my heart which always helps me grow up,

And makes me the most responsible person,

Because I just don’t sallow things I taste them,

And when I give you I always give the best.

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