A Letter


To the dearest one,

I’m blooming with your precious blessing,

And love you send me within this charismatic nature,

My words, may be, are short,

But wishes for your ecstatic presence,

In my uneven world are always infinite.


I am still fluttering with the courage you gave,

Shinning with the hope you gave,

And all those weird noises I used to make when you tickled me,

They always make my day,

World might have got transformed,

And seasons might have changed,

May be I’m a man now,

May be I’ve more to do with this world,

But this love for that love,

Still the same, still that deep,

Before your presence,

Senses of my maturity disappear,

I become naive,

The one whom you taught to fly a kite,

And the one you taught the stories of world.


I have the memories,

Yes, all those chit chat of the dusk,

And of those moments when you convinced me,

When you gave my choices first priority,

I know you didn’t sleep all night when I was sick,

I know how many times you checked my temperature,

How many times you measured my beat…


Love just don’t fetch words nor the physics,

It fetches soul,

It fetches the care, a sense of belonging, restlessness

A spark, that could light the life into brightest happiness,

Still I could only give you words,

I never phoned you, never asked you “How are you?”…



My creation will always include you,

They will always figure you,

Who could understand me better than you?

I know that love will always love this love,

And this love will always be your love.

Muuuhaaa!!! 🙂



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