How could you define love ?


Gloomy streets can never reflect the glare of your eyes,

Nor those wet branches or those young twigs,

You cried a lot of love and relationship,

But the ends are those streets and branches,

You choose the best words, those best situations,

Assemble them beautifully, add some craftsmanship,

And went out all with them,

But only you know what’s inside you,

You know those best memories,

That you don’t even want to share with anyone,

A sort of selfishness,

A short of courage in you to show up in the open sky,

Your words are fake and your sentiments are vain,

You know when your happiness flutters,

When you are so unrest,

Still you define love in words,

You give your myths and you explanations,

But love is not a thing,

It never exists until it ends,

So How could you define Love ?



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