Phone Number


2009 and my first Motorola phone,

Glorified on the day it got a girl’s number,

Never expected that my courage would deceive its dream,

A dream of connection, a dream of linkage,

It would form from that suppressed charm of crush.

Fancy number, which I still remember, and my phone,

I was just a click away, my phone was just impatient,

And my heart, you could have irrigated hectors of land,

Temperature, high, half of my body was paralyzed,

I didn’t even feel my feet,

And hands, they were shaking,

I set a record, the moment I clicked that green button,

I lost my senses; I was at war within myself,

I couldn’t decide what to say, how to say, I was totally confused,

I am never short of words but at that moment I was totally blank,

Sky was tearing away and I was trying to sew it with my fragile heart,

‘Hell-OH!’ this is all I could speak,

Five sentences and over,

My phone never rested firmly on my ear,

It did the entire workout only for me,

Still I could make out only five sentences,

And she,

I didn’t know we forget people so early,

Even those with whom we had worked 630 days.

An induction of senses,

Compliment of my youth,

Her number, and my first phone,

All at once,

But courage pinched me,

Words mocked me,

Time hurt me,

But that number never got connected ever again


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