Perception Matters!


Sugar was never meant to be sugar; we made it and same for the salt. Everything exists in our assumptions. When we think of number, of words, of expressions, all of them depend on our perceptions. If white meant there is absence of Black, it also means there is presence of white or all other major colors, the only thing different is our perception. So world is dissolved into an undulating ocean of the perception, it is the only factor that could bring balance in this egoistic world.

Character defines beauty of a person and that character is defined by the perception. A person behaves in the way he looks at things and situations. If he had confined positive attitude in him then he always turns out to be at right side of his logics but if negative, he never justifies things in right manner. Thus beauty is defined by our perception towards things, how we define the situations and conditions, how optimistic we are and how healthy our manners are. And a person with beauty in him is always successful and he could maintain good relations with other persons easily.

Phool ko Aankha ma Phool lai Sansara Kaada ko Aankha ma Kaadai Sansara…’

Beauty lies in eyes as the song says, most of we have always discarded these things, always ignored the right thing with an excuse in face, “Be Practical…..!” But these things really matters in our moral development. They change all our way of living. When we start to change our perception, we change our behavior. There is a presence of magnanimity in us. The flaws start to disappear into the mist and we begin to spin a yarn of love in us bounding all our senses with optimism.


When beauty lies in your eyes,

The pinpoint happiness of the world,

Appears so large and clear,

That your palm might not be big enough,

For you, to capture all that happiness,

Showering into your untamed excitement;                            

(Beauty lies in eyes)


So, beauty of eyes means positive perception and attitude. It makes everything right as mentioned in above poem.


Here are few things we can do to change our perception:

Always smile because smile can simply solve your problem with less effort and smile induces smile in the face of another person, so happiness surrounds you. This is how you can get good and positive thoughts.

Be clear with your points and logics and never bring second thoughts, never point out a mistake until you find any clue or proof because no one is culprit in himself, things and situations may have made them.

If you feel bad about anything anybody says about you, tell him/her clearly that s/he shouldn’t say that. Make him clear about you.

Try to be better than you were yesterday, read good things, and think before you speak because even a single word could change your world. You can assume why world war started.

We can add much more things to list but most important is how much we lace them into our life, how much we can follow these things. The more we follow the simple our life will be and so does the happiness.

Thus, perception really matters. There is an urge to change our perception to make our lives better so that the world could be a better place to live with peace and happiness.


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