What do you want to be ?

A question hit the ground,

Before it could rise up again, answers echoed through the room,

Five years before our adolescence,

Whenever someone asked us, What do you want to be ?

The reply is same for everyone;

“Doctor”, “Engineer,”

I don’t know if there is any attraction with these words,

But everyone was lured by the glory of the profession,

I, myself said “I want to be a doctor”,

And I didn’t even know what doctor does.


When I was small my father used to say, “We must be a great person.” ,

With overwhelming idols and ideals of the society, slight biasing occurs,

We must be a great person,

We must be a powerful person,

We must be rich,

And a entirely new panorama surrounds us,

Great in the sense of money, power and beauty,

Emotions are crushed down,

Heart are filled with rage and unfair competition,

Show off, just show off,

And an aimless rush towards nothing,

An effort to be in vacuum, in no gravity,

Momentary orgasm of unsatisfiable desire,

And a workout to be nothing, simply to be nothing…..





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