If I  could bring back my childhood,
I would learn the way to throw myself into the pond of the innocence,
And know how the difficulties displaces with your courage,
I would learn to run bare footed out in the black topped street,
And know that the successes will not be gifted without any bruises.
Yes, I would surely learn the way to climb the tree,
And know that the top is just a shake of hard work with pain of falling.

If ever magic turns out in me and rewind back to my birth  ,
I would break all those old machinaries even if my papa slap me,
And know the way to break fault and try to regenerate the new,
I would learn a way not to weep but to cry upon the wrong,
And know that the world will hear only if you cry louder for your pain.
I would learn the way to get drenched in rain leaving the fear of cold,
And know that the pleasure is in the nature not in TVs or in movies.


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