Threshold of Love


Boundaries have been tested since the epics on love were written,
Tenderness, its fragility and its blindfold part is of no concern,
The sadness and the gloom, the pain in the stomach,
When you try to smile during disaster, that is also nothing,
You know your retina contracts in excess light, still you never stops to search for light,
So is the love, no threshold to check the limit, no boundaries to define it,
The tenderness is its beauty, fragility its wonder,
Pain is just a garnishing on the top,
Light and delight,
Breakups, patch up just nonsense,
Bond never dies, its just the time that matters,
Relationships lives in you, immortal and eternal,
For love must be pure and pristine,
No threshold, no limit, no boundaries,
Love is just love, wild and raw….


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