Lamenting Earth


It has been a long time since I saw you,
You – Yes, You Sun!,
And lots of thing happened since I lost your sight,
I yearned for you days after days,
But you didn’t come,
Listen Sun- all the cruelty those clouds had shown to me,
Sun, My sun, My shine,
Look the scars on my face, look the wrinkles on my cheeks,
Look how it eroded my being,
You could have seen the smiling face of your sisters,
But their greenery is wasted , they were raped,
Look how they decayed, with nasty foul smell,
Look, sun, look the every sort of development human had done to me,
Is all taken away,
Sun, when you were taken captive,
I just had to hear the frightening noise of thunder,
See the ghosts in the darkness of these cloud,
Sun, My sun, why you disappeared ?
Why you fled?
This Rain had taken me away ,
Away from you, away From your shine,
See how it destroyed me, Sun !!!!


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