No one Ever Stopped Me

I was five minutes late and my favorite show ‘The Jungle Book ‘was already on television. I threw my bag down on the sofa, shoes, don’t remember (mother had to search every next morning), pulled out my tie and lie down on the bed. This was a routine. The best part of all this is animation movies, more precisely cartoons. Many children love to watch cartoons. The colors and the characters attract them. The way they are made, really make them interesting.

Animated cartoons are actually drawings or pictures shown in a sequential order repeatedly. From early age with the development of flipbook, Phenakistoscope(1832), zoetrope (1834) and Praxinoscope (1877), the early stage of animation started. Further development of technology and computer graphics turned out to be a boon for animation field. Various animation film companies like Disney, Warner Bros., and MGM came into existence. And with the first synchronized voice animated cartoon ‘Steamboat Willie’ starring Mickey Mouse, a new dawn of animation begins.

Today various movies, TV series and advertisement are made using animation. The development of satellite television and cable television had increased the popularity of animated cartoons, mostly among children. And the Japanese anime, they have reached among higher number of viewers.

When I was a child my parents never locked the TV room or never restricted to watch cartoons. I used to watch all the cartoons, for nearly 3 or 4 hours I used to be busy among those animated cartoons. And actually they have always helped me in every sector, even in studies I could better understand some theories or learn some things through animation. Animation could boost our creativity. They help to increase our imagination power and this is the most important thing for every child to become successful. Various knowledgeable things are illustrated practically in cartoon movies, so children can explore new horizon of knowledge through a simple illustrations.

History, art, culture, everything is portrayed in cartoons. All the fun and comedy starts when Tom chases Jerry and Mickey plays with Pluto, a different way of exploding heartily happiness. Cartoons are all filled with the things you would have imagined in your dreams and fantasies. There lies a character that has an ambition. He does all good things to achieve his dreams. Anime are really inspiring. And mostly Japanese manga adapted animations, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tale, Bleach etc., which consist of stories of supernatural powers, ninjas and fairies are so well plotted that you can’t even imagine how their story goes on.

Thus animation and cartoon, not only implies fun and entertainment or only for children but they also mean inspiring stories, knowledge and for all age groups.


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