(Previously published as ‘Murdered’)

“THAT’S ME!!??!”
“NO WAY, father”,
An old half ripped photograph,
Still uttering every portion I had been,
Reddish black cheeks, waxy intermittent teeth,
Eyes searching the reflection of toothless smile,
Body dancing for the unknown happiness,
All naked,
There was ‘Me’ in it,
Original, unbiased, carefree,
Nothing to hide, nothing to show,
Nothing to get and no one to lose,
“That was never me, father might be wrong”,
There isn’t even an iota of that baby in me,
-These sunken eyes are so tired to search even my shadow,
-And the body aches at every part I try to touch,
No, that’s not me,
I’m soaring into the sadness, madness, and selfishness.
No father, that’s not me,
That ‘me’ died years ago inside this ‘me’,
In the battle,
Between conceptions and misconceptions of social bounds,
Between fugitive thoughts of eternal pleasures,
And now, in that photo was just another,
Murdered years ago inside me,
That ‘Me’ annihilated by this me.


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