When Human was made

Flesh, no difference,

Blood was same,

So were those eyes,

Two hands, two legs,

Mouth and nose,

Complexion might be different,

And the shape never mattered.

The labels made all the differences,

Chained to the outcaste social labels,

I stand here in the vague values,

In the name of culture, religion and social functions,

Whenever I try to break those chains,

I am a vermin,

I am unsocial, I am unpleasant.

They burn people in the name of god,

They rape the existence of human being,

They consider women as a toy to be played between the legs and bosoms,

A birth machine, Medium to continue generations,

They create boundaries between everything they find pleasure on,

High low, Rich Poor, Black White, differences and differences…..

Labels and labels, entirely shaded by labels,

Society has lost its identity,

Where human is no more human,

I, me, my, three things of society rules,

Above all,

Feelings, disaster!

Hardened more solidly than a rock,

Mind sickest of all, mean and aggressive,

Where Ears has lost the sense of politeness,

Eyes lost the scene of forgiveness,

A world entirely ruled by mean inhuman beasts,

Labeled high profile cultured citizens of the earth.


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