Scarlet Sun

Under the scarlet sun,

The solemn loneliness,

Raises its eye upon me with deep raging torrents,

Where the cloud seems sweet cotton candy,

But the tasteless air never mingles with it,

So mean and miserly,

Never a shadow stands beside me.

Under the scarlet sun,

Vehement covet,

Reaches their brink with orgasmic tears,

Into the blue lagoon of misery and gloom,

The invisible and invincible dew drops,

Defeat every piece of life,

Sodden and Chilled,

The heart shivers between the lungs.

Under the scarlet sun,

Serene Night,

Breach bond between nature and me like a charcoal,

Notching every portion of artistic serenity of blank paper,

The rousing moon and the sky sprinkled with stars,

Snatch away the warmth of the arms,

Sarcastic and cruel,

Love dies inside the dark memories of past.


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