Hope & Trust

‘Never give up’,

‘Never give up’,

My primary teacher told us once,

The more you try, more you are likely to get it,

Sweetness lies in success and success lies in hard work,

Hard work means effort,

So never to give up,

Try and try,

Live up to the moment you wish for.

That year,

After our first terminal result,

My friend failed in two subjects,

I could feel the agony inside him,

Hope was just the light in his face,

Words of the teacher, May be,

Darker the agony, brighter the hope,

As darker the shadow brighter the light is,

But the very next day after results,

When the earth was still waiting to see the sun,

Through the dark clouds,

My teacher just tore him apart,

He erased out every single particle he had sprinkled upon us in an instant,

Leaving my friend,

Empty, dark, broken, only with tears.

Hope is fragile I learned,

Trust is shadow,

Agony is dark but never means a shadow,

The ideals we stand for,

Snatch out every spindle of our heart,

Making it difficult to stand upon,

And those who stand out that pain,

Really makes difference in your life.

We are taught,

To stand in front of the raging hurricane or the bullied angry ocean,

Without fear,

Strong like Himalayas and deep like the sky,

We are taught,

To be who-we-are!

But at the instant you fail,

Those teachings vanish in the air like any sublimate,

Proving itself in front of school children in their boring science class,

‘I give up on you’, ‘you are no more than a shit’, ‘Useless’,

A whole lot of words and phrases march against you,

With the fury of war with you,

Until you say ‘I give up’,

No trust, No hope.


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