Like a sunshine

The sun was dim; tired of conveying every ray it had, to the people, making them move up to every inch of their happiness.
Menca’s neighbor’s dog was chasing ‘Meow’, a cat, Menca’s closest. Nooma, best friend of Menca, a girl who once had a charisma to lure every living thing on this earth is now gloom and obsessed.

“Poor cat!! it is always them who had to run”, Nooma murmured as if she was anemic and exhausted.

“Still my Meow wins, it never get caught”, Menca laughed.

Menca took the cat and kissed it all over and let it go.

“Nooma, what happened?  Why are you so obsessed? Don’t think so much over such matters. Life goes on. You have your whole life ahead, your family and a career to build. All the ups and downs sum up life. If you stop here what’s the meaning of life. You were the one who once told me that life is how we move; life is how we stand up after every fall. And look at you now, you are all broken and retarded. Come on! Fight with the situations, I know who you are. Be yourself. Don’t get lost.”

“But Menca, that Nooma is no more, she is lost; she died along with the relationship with Mohan. I never expected, the part I always cheered up for, the part that I thought was my own would betray me, would hurt me more than anything in my life.”

“Last week when I asked him about the rumors, of his affairs with Rima, I heard from girls, he refused every word of me. I felt guilty for my dubiety. I was fooled then!! No!! I was being fooled from the beginning.”

“See, how he pushed me to the corner as if I was just a doll for him. He played me till he had interest in me and then threw me away like some ugly thing to wear on. We were in relationship for six years and that long relation was shattered in seconds, in seconds he hated me, he left me, he ditched me.”

Nooma’s eyes were wet, tears continuously dropping down, as if the god never wanted those tears to dry off.

“Dad always knew about us but he never grounded me instead he used to aware me to choose my paths carefully but it was me who never listened him. I always hated my dad. I used to think that he never understands me but I was wrong. I loved the man who never loved me and hated the man who always loved me.”
Mohan and Mohit, so much similar literally but still the heart rules over names, one with dark heart and another…. they are entirely different in every other aspects.

Menca moved close to Nooma and tried to cheer her.

“Nooma, my dear, don’t be sad. I know Mohit Uncle still loves you. He is your dad and he knows what is best for you. And this is the time you need him and he knows this. Just go and apologize. He will excuse you. Darling, don’t you know how much your dad loves you. “

Nooma nodded with small spark in her eyes.

“Don’t cry Nooma darling, I am with you. Mohan cheated you and you are crying for that man? No, he is not worth it. Leave him as a dark past, as some disease and now that you are cured of that disease look ahead at your family, your friends, they all are with you.”

“Menca, my love, I know you will never leave me alone. I believe in you more than myself. The day before I broke off with Mohan, dad and I had a fight. I was rude with him. He was just trying to protect me and I never believed my own dad. Menca, I am the worst child, I am evil….”

Nooma was whimpering. Menca caressed her back.

”Menca, I don’t have any courage to face my dad.”

“Nooma he is your dad, he loves you very much and he understands you. Be brave I know you are much braver and I know you can do it. He will forgive you. Go, tell him everything, tell him how much you love him, and tell him that you are his little princess whom he always loved very much. Tell him Nooma; just tell him even though black clouds faded out you, you will still shine Like a Sunshine.”


2 thoughts on “Like a sunshine

  1. hello friend,

    there is no doubt that u r dynamic with your capabilities. 🙂
    Everything is stunning…

    being a classmate too, i think i know u to some extent…and on reading your posts here…i wondered if u r an experienced or a good analyst or what,,,? what exactly would define you???

    1. Thank you Menaka. 🙂
      Well with writing, I put myself in it. Its just how you see things, some of the experiences and some imaginations mingled together to tell everyone what you had always wanted to yell out loudly.

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