Symphony of Love

There was she and there was me,
Between the lips was love I keep,
Trying to reach her everyday,
But fear in mind just pulled me away,
‘Tomorrows’ find me every single day,
And my eyes also denied to stay,
Into her eyes, like sun and cloud,
It used be but I wanna be loud,
It just started with texts and wishes,
And my love began to grow up from pieces,
Her smile and the ‘TC’ she used to send,
Pushed my love to make a stand,
Now my voice was ready to be loud,
When I phoned her, she was so proud,
Again I couldn’t confess other than to talk,
But never left her I used to stalk,
Then one day out of nowhere she came,
With her lover, my love turned lame,
For whom I had yearned for years,
Collecting every inch of courage and prayers,
I lost her like some sublimate,
And I know I was late,
I know I was late…..


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