And I wish New Year may bring tears for me,

I don’t want to lose them,

Because tears are not always pain,

Sometime they are courage,

Sometime the inspiration,

Every happiness meant for me brings tears,

If it’s for heart,

And every sorrow drain away with those tears,

Lifting the gravity of the happenings,

Yes god! Leave me the tears,

Tears that reminds me of me,

As an ocean that keeps pearls and chests

Also Engulfs the huge sky,

I know the sweetness of tears,

And the innocence they bestow upon this earth,

When they pour out with smile,

It’s awesome, majestic, and so splendid!!

Love cries out the tears,

Let there be someone to wipe them,

For that warmth, that grace only,

Save me some tears,

Life feels like life when there are tears.


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