In the world Of Imagination

“Can you imagine?” typical question or an expression for anything that I haven’t been to. And I would only nod my head, “Aha”. But hey, does my imagination resonate with you? How can you say if my imagination can match up with what you are trying to explain? Well, still imagining thing helps to understand little better or say more clearly.

World of imagination have always fascinated me. There were times when I used to sit up to the window imagining things for hours.

Imagination is about creating new things, or modifying things or distorting the memory. Imagination is about you and your wishes. Imagination is about the impossible becoming possible. Imagination is about childhood, about teenage. It’s about love, life, feelings and history. Imagination is about flying or swimming or about eating your favorite chocolates. Imagination is poetry.

When I was a little boy I used to imagine me as a super hero. I used to copy every move of super heroes I watched in television. I used to wear a cape.

When I was a teenager I used to imagine about love. I used to imagine me as the hero of any movie who would do everything for his girl.

Imagination leads me to poetry. Hundreds of thoughts, feelings, people that resides in me are ordered in certain framework that results in poetry.

When people tell me “Don’t waste your time imagining things, be practical, and be yourself.”

I’m like, “Get out of my imagination!!”

Can you imagine what it’s like when people tells you not to smoke, if you’re a chain smoker?

Just imagine.


4 thoughts on “In the world Of Imagination

  1. I imagined several superheroes during my childhood. They became bedtime stories I told myself 😀
    They came with several powers. Some of them protected me 😀
    They made what I am today (to some extent)!

      1. Mine were Z-Man who threw Z shaped blades, Rakerilisis, my own name for “Robot Man” who got his powers from Brahma, Mike who got his power from a magician and opposed Star Man 😀
        And a lineage of these 😀

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