The Theory of Happiness

I tried to teach my brain the theory of happiness,
Long before the flakes of sadness covered it up,
No, actually I taught my heart,
Because things are more understood when taken to heart,
Heart rules,
It’s more stubborn than any other body parts,
I taught all about happiness,
About love, grace and kindness,
You know how everyone yearn for these things,
But before I could teach it,
Every time it used to sleep snoozing out everything else.

Time is the great tutor, my high school teacher once said,
It scratches every things you have had in your fate onto your forehead,
Giving an inexplicable pain before you feel it deep.
And all of sudden, my heart understood everything,
Like some magical festoon covered it up,
It was different, entirely different,
Now it knows how to cut every events that cheer you up,
How to hold on to everything that makes you feel alive,
Alive, deep down in you, where you are still you,
Not some metamorphosed alien hiding underneath.

It knows that happiness isn’t something to hold on,
Nor something you can earn,
It’s something you make, you invent,
In everything you do.
And pain ?
It is actually your urge,
Things don’t always go your ways,
Sometime you have to follow them to make your way out.
Now it knows that love isn’t something to fall in,
It’s everything you cheer for,
So when a fair, wasp-waisted, black haired, sexy lady leaves you,
Just smile for the moments she gave you to cheer upon in your life,
Because you know, things don’t always go your ways !!!


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