“I was never in love like this before. The sun is not ‘the sun’ for me anymore, it’s a big disco ball, I could see its color, clouds are the fluffy cocoons knitting something beautiful, and rivers are the strings that pull the natural melody from those majestic oceans. Nothing remains same for me.”
“The only thing that I see as it is, it’s her. I don’t know who she is, but I know she is someone I could relate to. I don’t know the magic she had spelled on me but I am not me anymore. I have this huge urge to be good, to be better than what I am. She has become my inspiration that pushes me every second to be more like her, to be a better version of myself.”
“Her hairs, her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, her eyelashes, her forehead, her complexion, her smile, they are beyond any verbal description. I could not forget her even for a second, I am in love with her. I am in love with her man.”
Before I could finish Soren paused me. A Hard headed person.
“Wake up, what? Now you are in love with someone you even don’t know. Grow up from your teenage infatuations. Stop describing it as love. Are you becoming some kind of saddest Romeo who doesn’t know who his Juliet is?”
Soren is my brother cum more of the friend with whom I share everything, well, except something! We knew about each other or that was what I used to think.
“It’s not like that Soren. You don’t understand and you never will.”
I was furious about what he said. I was never into a girl that much.
“Well someone is in Love, at least, he thinks so. Let her go out of your head man!”
He was mocking me and my temper was rising.
“Have you ever been in love, Soren? I mean, have anyone touched right in into your heart? Well, there’s someone you love and it’s you! You can never be in love Soren. Do you even know the spelling of love, its L. O. V. E.? You don’t even respect women how can you love one?”
I didn’t know what I said and what it changed between us, but it changed Soren, his face was changed. He was smiling still he was hiding something. And within a moment, I lose someone whom I knew. He was the stranger there I was sharing with. The one whom I knew was not this one at least. He remained silent. He changed the topic but still his voice was shivering and it felt like he was crying inside deep in his soul.
“Vishnu, man, you are in love, look the clouds, let’s go inside. What about today’s match……?”
He was blabbering.
I couldn’t hear him, nor had I understood him until now.
There’s the sun even behind the darkest of the dark clouds. And when it rains……..


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