Bittu !!

There is always hype about some of the new girls after every new admission in the campus.

“She is beautiful. Her name is Sarala.” Biwas cried out loud. We all laughed at him. “Yeah, and who’s there you don’t find hot and beautiful after every admission?” I also cried out loud. There was a laughter all around us. Biwas was feeling something different this time but it’s his fault. He used to ogle at every good looking girl. This time, also we thought it was the same old habit. But times and situations bring change in a person and this was the time for Biwas. He had changed or we thought so. He was not ogling at Sarala but had a huge respect for her, maybe she was his first crush.

Biwas came into my room after a few days we had that talk.

“Rajiv what’s up?” he asked.

I looked up and said, “I see nothing except ceiling, what do you see, is it Sarala?”

“Now, you started all that has nothing to do in these situations.” He seemed little heart broken.

“Biwas, what happened? Anything to do with your marks in assessments?” I asked him. This time, I was serious.

“No.”, he replied with a long breath.

“Then, is it about cricket? Didn’t they put you in the team? I will tell Kisan if that is the matter. You are such a good all-rounder, how they can do this to you.” I was teasing him.

“You, Rajiv”, he laughed out.

“Do I seem to you like a crybaby? Who do you think yourself as? A godfather? I was just trying to share my feelings with you as a friend and you are just mocking me.” He was serious.

“Ok, sorry, tell me,” I said.

“Do you know Sarala has a boyfriend?” I saw her talking with a guy yesterday. He is not from our college.” He said.

“So? If you see me talking to her, will I be her boyfriend? Grow up Biwas. He may be her friend or some relative” I assured him.

“No, he is a guy from IOM, I inquired about him, and they say something like I told you.” Biwas was sad.

“So?” I asked.

“So what?” he asked.

“She is a girl. She is beautiful. She has a boyfriend. How does that irritate you? How that’s problem for you?” I asked him even if I knew the answer.

“I am in love with her man.” He was shy.

“How many girls were you in love with? Every new admission every year and every year love?”

“No,” he said, “I really like her.”

“So tell her.”, I said.

“Do you have her number?” I ASKED HIM.

“I do”, he said.

“So call her,” I said.

“I can’t yaar. She doesn’t pick up.” He said with disappointment in his eyes.

“She will. Just have a faith” I gave him some courage.

He called her. But she didn’t pick up her phone. I told him to redial. He tried again and again. And then finally she picked up.

Sarala: hello, who’s there?

Biwas: hello, are you Sarala?

I thought this was the worst question any boy would ask a girl but he did ask it.

Sarala: yes, and who are you?

Biwas remained silent for seconds.

Sarala: hello, hello…

Biwas: “What’s there in a name?”

Sarala: there’s everything in the name you fool, just never disturb me.

She hung up the phone.

I laughed loudly.

“So this is the end of your short love story”, I said.

“No, I will give another try but not this time.” He said.


After few days, Biwas was in my room. This time, Kisan was also there. Kisan was known to be the real Krishna in the case of girls, the only difference is that the god carried out every affair perfectly but this Kisan never had any successful affairs, they were somewhat one-sided but he used to describe all of his affairs as they were not one-sided.

“So here’s the pundit of love, ask him what to do.” I mocked with Biwas.

“Mula, Biwas, call her and ask her these things.” Kishan wrote some of his old filmy dialogues in a paper.

Biwas dialed Sarala once again. This time, she didn’t pick up.

Biwas took Kisan’s phone and dialed again. She picked up.

Sarala: hello

Biwas: hello, is this Sarala?

Sarala: Yes, who are you?

Biwas: Bittu

(We used to call him. His pet name was Bittu.)

(His tongue slipped out and at the worst of all times.)


Sarala: Are you the one who called me the other day?

Biwas: Yes.

Sarala: So what’s your problem?

Biwas: You

Sarala: How?

Biwas: I like you. I really like you.

(He said it, he said it and I couldn’t believe my ears. “Did he just told her?” I asked Kisan.

“He did,” Kisan whispered.)

Sarala: So that’s your problem, not me. How can I be your problem, you moron!! Don’t call me from this day. I have a boyfriend.

Biwas: O….kkk.

He threw the phone on the bed.

Kisan and I, we laughed till our eyes were full of tears. Biwas was silent, a little sad but was happy as usual, that was our old Biwas, never talk good of girls.

And he started again blabbering something bad about the girl.

“See they are all the same………” he kept on going.

Biwas will be Biwas as always he just proved it again.


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