The Fault in Our System and Moral Awareness

Breaches have always been there in the system, in every system, whether it’s technical or political. But implementing the best possible methods to check those breaches is the best way to run the system smoothly and it removes the fault in our system.

In a country where most of the citizen are still illiterate. I am saying morally. And in the time when we are boasting to have raised the literacy percentage by few tens (65.9% in 2011), we still have to think that enabling people to read or write is just the basics and it will have less portion of its role play for country’s development until we raise moral awareness in people.

After the revolution, a decade ago (April 2006), the political awareness in people of Nepal has increased effectively and now people are aware of their rights, their constitution, their voting right etc. but the sense of moral awareness is still the lack. We talk about the rights we should get, about the provisions that would benefit us but in turn we are ignoring the effect it will have on the people other than us. We are thinking of our personal benefit only, not the social benefit. And the politics itself lacks the moral in it.

Moral awareness is a sense of being a better citizen. When a person thinks rationally about every action he performs, for a country and their consequences then he can distinguish between right and wrong. Then only he can run on a system and follow it. But when he goes on without knowing what’s wrong or right he will somewhere a break a system which in turn disturbs the whole system and law. And the system fails in tandem.

Every system setup in a country is nothing more than a mere set of rules printed on papers. But like the Slokes of Gita, these laws have their greatness only when we have faith in them when we follow them properly. At the time when we are trying to engrave every method of our ease into the new constitution, we should also think of engraving our responsibility towards the country. Because the system always follows give and take, it’s natural. And by the way, they are not even ‘engraved’, they can be changed befitting time and situations.  So to follow the laws or the system of a country which in turn develops good governance, every person should be morally aware of his duties and responsibilities.

After the proclamation of the new constitution of Nepal, there have been serious issues over the various chucks issued with it. Which embarked months-long protests, strikes and eventually we had to suffer a blockade imposed upon us by the neighbor due to its political interests. During that period much had been said and done from both agitating group and the government losing their self-moral, and the country had to suffer a lot. This backlashed our economy and the already backward development rate ceased back. Had there been some sense and sensibility in both groups, had there been the rationality in their thinking, had both of them realized their responsibilities, it would have been a different story now. The plot would be different, the scene would be much pleasing. Just the lack of moral awareness, just another fault in our system.

Thus, stopping the breaches and cuts in the system and following every part of our duties, we can overcome the hindrance we had due to the earthquake and due to other political instabilities. Increasing the moral in people by implementing proper methods will not only decrease the corruption but also the happiness of people will increase when they feel they had done something good for the country.

So, to remove the fault in our system or the political system, the urge of developing the moral in people and also in political people is a must. It’s now or never because a system cannot hold faults for the longer time until proper methods are realized, like moral awareness.

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