Life is Not all About Pain

Life is not all about pain,

But it’s all about paint,

Yes – P, A, I, N, T,

Paint it white, it’ll be white,

Paint it with black, it’ll be black

And paint it with light,

It will shine,


It’ll shine like the sun,

Like the water falling out from the Himalayas,

In the midday sun,  pure and pristine,

Life is not all about pain

But it’s all about Paint,

It’s about how you color yourself,

It’s about coloring dark into light,

It’s about coloring ego into art,

It’s about lark,

It’s about stark,

It’s about joy you leave,

Into some trash bin,

And about how you pick it up,

Wash it out and swap it off,

With the aching part

Life is not all only about pain,

But it’s more about the ‘PAINT’.


9 thoughts on “Life is Not all About Pain

  1. Love your interpretation!

    abt P.A.I.N.T


    May b u were too lucky enough not to have faced

    trembles wen u walked!
    grieves and you shocked
    glooms when u talked!


    A normal man can’t feel it
    until u faced it.

    As alwz!
    It is easy to say!

    good day!

    yes yes! I kno! I kno!

    The optimism


    : )

  2. Thank you 🙂

    Maybe I am lucky,

    but pain itself can’t be measured
    You know
    all the
    ‘trembles wen u walked!
    grieves and you shocked
    glooms when u talked!’

    these all thing kind of vary from person to person,
    the things that hurt you might not hurt me or the things that hurt me might not hurt you, it’s about how you look at things
    Pain is inevitable, no one can ignore this abastract ever,

    Yeah, things get pretty rough for someone and may not be for someone other but everyone have issues of their own.

    And that’s where you need to convert that pain into paint,

    Haven’t you heard OneRepublic singing: ‘counting stars’
    “…….Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. may b u r ryt : )

      but forgetting everything n everyone is too tuff

      esp when u have habit of living with those memeroies that leave u empty!

      its like impossible to start again.
      impossible to act norml
      impossible to ignore those things which come across every now n then
      u cnnt bury them somwr like we do to the human traces!

      once u loose urslf
      u cnnot regain
      its gone


      ( I wud b hpy if u deleted this comment)

      hey! keep smiling : )


  3. hey isolated girl,
    be brave,
    I know, I’ve lived with people who have faced every sorrow life has to offer but what made me think like this is their bravery and the things they taught me.
    You may have the cruelest of the pains in the world but never allow them to be superlative. Always see someone who has more pain and more hardships than you. This way you can help yourself.

    I know its not as easy as I write but you should try, that’s what we all can do.

    Keep smiling girl there is moon for every bleeding sun, never give up.

    convert your pain into your power, make something good out of it.

    Just keep smiling, try to be happy.

    There’ll be days, happy days, I know, I believe.

    keep smiling 🙂

  4. Good morning dear friend!

    how kind of you! : )

    Dhanyavaad for being so good to me!


    There r very few people who wanna see others smile. : )

    धन्यवाद ।

    खुशी लाग्यो ।

    yah! I alwz try !
    Try to be good for myslf
    try to b braver!
    n try to not fall!..


    they say trying is must n best!


    have a wonderful day!

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