Thank you so much Prashantt of  (Prashantsaid ) nominating me for this award. I am lucky enough to have you and many other writers around me in WP. You are an amazing writer.

Thank you 😀 🙂


  1. Upload Image to your post.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you. (add a link of any of his/her blogpost)
  3. Answer the questions asked.
  4. Nominate 5-10 person and ask your questions to them.

And now the questions and answers:

1.What is your favorite genre of writing?

Ans: Poetry. But I also enjoy writing stories and essays.
2. What is the most memorable compliment you ever received?

Ans: A compliment I received from the editor of GENNEXT page of Republica for my poem Introvert.
3. Politician or Actor/Actress?

Ans: Actor 😀 🙂
4. Who is your favorite Author?

Ans: Laxmi Prashad Devkota (everything he had written) , Krishna Dharabashi (loved his novel Radha ) and Paulo Coelho ( Eleven Minutes).
5.One thing you cannot live without?

Ans: Laptop. I love watching anime, movies. And I watch them daily. I do have to write and to do projects and designs. Actually, I can’t do anything without my laptop.
6. Who is your Role Model?

Ans: I don’t know. But I am influenced by many poets and writers. To name some Nikhil Parekh, Frost, Khalil Gibran etc.
7. Which blog did you enjoy most on reading?

Ans: There are so many good blogs. I love each of them. They have their own style. To be specific I love reading thedarkestfairytale   and isolated_girl . And many others.
8. What is your weakness?

Ans: I trust people readily and I get nervous while talking to girls 🙂 😀 .
9. What inspires you to write?

Ans: People, places, pain, and peace.
10. Your favorite holiday destination & why?

Ans: I love going to Muktinath, Mustang. A few years ago we had a college tour to some hydropower site, after finishing the field visit we headed for Muktinath. For the first time, I realized what it is to be near the mountains, it’s so majestic and pure. I don’t think there is any better place than that on this earth. It’s heaven.
11. What is your biggest dream of life?

Ans: To fulfill the dreams of my parents and to publish my own book.


My Nominations are:

  1. Isolated_girl
  2. Misticity
  3. Monica
  4. Frank Solanki
  5. ananyaworld
  6. raeeshawrites


And My Questions For You:

  1. What is your First post on WordPress, provide the link?
  2. If you are given a chance to meet people following you in WordPress who would you meet first and why ?
  3. When do you generally write, Morning, Daytime, Evening or Night?
  4. What is the piece of writing you wrote that is close to your heart?
  5. What is writing for you?
  6. How often do you write ?
  7. If you have to choose between writing and wealth, what would you choose and why ?
  8. Best and Beautiful thing of your life ?
  9. Source of inspiration for writing?
  10. What type of person are you ( In five words ) ?


Thank you all,

Keep writing 🙂 Keep reading 🙂


17 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD

  1. धेरै धेरै बधाई !

    अनि धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद पनि !

    : )

    yeah! I also love LPD ! smiling!

    Never been to mustang! only seen over internet! I wud love to go; somday!


    I enjoy ur blog even more!

    good good!

    have u started ur novel! : )

    if not let’s start together after a month ! 😐

    I ve exams! 😦 😦 😦

    keep smiling with ur laptop n poetry!


    1. thank you, so kind of you
      but after a month I may have exams, schedule is still not published.
      if I start I would start with ‘poonam’ , no ?
      Still I lack technical knowledge of novels.
      Thanks for your kind review, it’s always good to talk to you 😃

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