Street Talk

After getting off work, I walk some distance from my office towards Sankhamul to get a tempo. It feels good walking down the narrow lanes between big houses at Old Baneshwor. They are beautiful, decorated and well designed. But sometimes, something spoils my day.

I see small boys, maybe 10 or 12 years old, smoking cigarettes—inhaling
death even before understanding life. And the shopkeeper watches them until they finish. I do not  know what is going on actually, and why they smoke; but that is totally wrong. The way they were taught, the way they were raised, there’s something not good in it. Do their parents ever care about what their children are doing? Why do they smoke? And the shopkeeper, does he even think for a second before selling them cigarettes?
Everything we are doing, everything we intend to do and everything that we set out for, that’s all for money. We barely care about our responsibility. The shopkeeper never imagines that those small boys could be his or her children. And the schools, they are all money-making institutions where rules are imposed, not taught. The sense of making society better starts with us, and the term ‘better’ is the future for us, and the future is those children who still have a lot to learn, who still have a long way to travel instead of choking to death on poisonous smoke. All parents should ask themselves what they have got to give their children so that they can become someone to be proud of. Not some loafer snatching purses from pedestrians. When you teach someone not to do something, it arouses curiosity. So the proper way of teaching those naïve minds is to be an example yourself, to show them what it can do and why they shouldn’t try it. Society is a great lab to show examples and experiments. Be good and goodness will develop in them too.
So if everyone in society cares about the wrong things happening around them
and tries to correct them, society will become better every day, and the sense of discipline will develop in children. The future of society and the country will take its pace. Start with your home, it will eventually change the country. Small amendments made in our daily life lead to a lot of changes in the life we live. So, tell your children not to smoke, never order them, but show them how giving up will be the best thing for them. Every retailer should be careful about not being the one to ruin other people’s lives. And every school should dig out the best in their students, inspire them and commend them so that they don’t fall for something that will not love them back. And make society a better place, so that when a pedestrian like me takes a walk down the street, there should only be reasons to smile and boast.
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5 thoughts on “Street Talk

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Pawan!
    I think we are in trouble because we have forgotten our Dharma (not confiding to a particular sect)- duties toward ourselves, families and society. We need a teacher who can lead us to darkness. And we definitely lack such a person.

  2. Wow!

    Congratulations firstly!
    I was searching for comment section in the newspaper link!

    haha! kiddn!

    Yes! very serious thing n very inspirational post।

    let’s hope that ur post opens the eyes of many parents and youngsters!

    because Youths r the building block of any nation—-to develop!


    keep smilin
    keep writin : )

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