What we Exchanged !

We used to exchange smiles,
Before we started exchanging words,
After we exchanged words,
We started exchanging notes,
We used to exchange notes,
Before we started exchanging letters,
And after we exchanged letters,
We started exchanging emotions filled with happiness and sadness,
We started exchanging hugs, kisses, touch, feelings and much more et cetera,
We started exchanging our thoughts,
Then our bodies,
And this process of exchanging  everything,
Led us to exchange our souls,
Yes, we exchanged our souls,
We exchanged our love,that made us one,
She had mine and I had her, heartbeats so much interlocked into one another !!!
Exchanging every second with one another,
We were so much into ourselves,
Residing in exchanged places,
That we exchanged our times with eternity.


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