Fight with Books!

There were times,

When I used to reach up to my books,

And open to read them for a second,

They used to teach me so many things,

About how not to read them,

With every word and every sentence,

The most nerve-wracking part used to buzz out,

That would pluck up all my nerves inside my head,

So that all the things inside goes random,

I had to start from the start!

Leaving all those exacerbations and obstacles,

But they kept most of my brain occupied,

With the thoughts how not to read them,

How to avoid them, how not to read them,

How to avoid them!


One day I thought of fighting a final glorious war,

With the books,

And prepared all of me for every attack,

Those books could ever do to me,

I opened the book, the best book,

That I think was,

With my drill and skills,

I started reading it,

And the war started!

It started to fight,

Fight with me?

Yeah, it attacked me,

With the most incredible things it had,

But I just battled and battled,

Beheaded every power packed words,

With my pencil,

Accessed my power-ups, ‘dictionary of course!’,

I kept reading, didn’t stop, all was going fine,

I thought It was me who’s going to win the war,


Suddenly I was defeated,

Something pulled my leg out in the battlefield,

Hey man, here I’m with a new movie.

I fell down, felt like my body was aching,

Head feeling heavy,

Shoulders were feeling strained,

And my eyes were like they were about to pop out.

They filled me with excuses,

‘Which Movie?’…

I lost, I lost that fight,

My fate was on their side,

I surrendered, and closed the books,

But still, the fury was alive deep inside me,

For the final fight with those books,

A final glorious fight!


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