Musings of pwnbhtt

“A dumpling orphan boy”

This was my favorite story grandmother used to tell me,

I was so keen that, with every single sentence, I used to say “what happens next, Aama?”

It was very hard for anyone to tell me stories except my grandmother,

And those stories are a part of me,

Always fascinated by folklore, like the boy in the story fascinated with dumplings,

Every single condition and event creates a series of landscapes in my mind,

I set out the stage, actors, all the creatures and colors within seconds,

Even for the creation of universe, it just takes seconds,

The bravery, the magic, the heroic actions and those happy endings sandwiched together,

You can’t resist taking a bite.

Love in its simple form,

Sweet, which you’ve ever dreamt of,

A prince and princess, father and son or a brother and sister,

Swaying your senses onto something good,


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