Door of Dignity



6 thoughts on “Door of Dignity

    1. Actually, it is not the door of dignity, I called it so.
      I think it represents the art and the culture we are rich in, it represents the door behind which you can find the most fantastic, most amazing, most loving and most creative art world has ever seen. And of course, it’s A door representing the much more other doors and art pieces here in Nepal, the beautiful Nepal, that shows our dignity, our pride, and our kindness in art.
      🙂 have an artistic day

  1. It is indeed beautiful piece of wood carving. I guess it is of any temple. Mostly all indian temple door, pillars and the sikhar the top portion we get to see heavy wood carving, smalls idols of hindu god and goddess .this all are door to dignity of our rich cultural background .

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment Shreyovi 🙂
      It is from Patan, Nepal from a Pagoda style temple of Machhindra Nath near Durbar square area of Patan, an ancient city in Kathmandu Valley.
      One can find these type of master piece at every corner of Kathmandu Valley.
      They really are amazing.

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