Much fewer words are inside me,
Less are those sparkling metaphors,
I couldn’t write long verses,
Nor could I read you some romantic lore,

Envious flower would never like you,
And the ornaments would underrate,
What am I to gift oh! you, my dear,
Would it be best with some love of my fate?



12 thoughts on “Gift

      1. sure! :p

        All the best : )
        Wat a lucky girl,she wud be. Bcoz she will have poems for breakfast , stories for lunch and you :p


        hoina? take care : )

        hope lifes gettin better

      2. ha ha, she would be 🙂
        fine, now I am trying to inspire myself everyday,
        and hey, did you read my story,आत्महत्या ? I was waiting for your review 🙂
        Take care

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