After ten years, she came to see me,

With that enticing smile on her face,

All in ‘Yellow Sari’,

Gorgeous she was looking,

And I was stunned,

By the magic, that was weaving itself around me,

The girl who was my dream for ten years,

The girl whom I stalked for much in those days,

The girl who shut me down with her cold words,

Was there near me,

Holding my hand,

Smiling, as if the heaven was about to endure every pain for my happiness,

Glowing, as if the hell was at its stage of bidding this world a farewell,

Blooming as if nature was about to regenerate every season of spring,

Everything awing, goodness, kindness, sweetness,

But not a word she spoke,

I gazed her, in between those rays,

Of the sun that trailed her,

Removing every ounce of doubt in the haze,

Sweeping away all the desperateness, despair, and agony,

Slowly the light I was searching,

Came towards me,

I saw an opening, finally,

Brighter and brighter she became,

She was all glowing and glowing,

With all the euphoria,

All bright and bright and bright…

Until I was wide-awake.


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