You and Me

When love was there for you
to be loved, you were not there.
What you always loved is, being loved,
But you never loved your love.

Love says silence bring hearts together,
But I always wished Hall of noise for us,
To see if I could only notice you,
If I could see the world in you,
And me, there in your world!

The World may be smaller to reach,
The threads connecting people may be smaller,
But I was so stuck in your world,
I never found a way out of it,
Never did I find any thread connecting us!

Us, a story I used to tell,
To the minnows of my imaginations,
To the bragging beats of my beast,
Right into my left breast,
Seldom found its shore.
And I know it never roar out your name,
Nor played a tricky tic tac game,
Like those doves or those love birds.
I only felt you in the air,
Dived through the galaxy of your presence,
Though invisible, it was invincible to my mind!


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