In the end, they reached, in their relationship, by the shore,
just to know that their hearts were in sore,
Still, they moved on,
learned how to ignore,
but the pain, in them,
grew as the doleful lore,
Who would’ve known,
the echo of her voice would dwell in his heart,
knock at his door,
and his senses would calmly sleep and snore.
Who would’ve known, the picture of her thoughts
would nip his eyes to drain out, from the store,
the ocean of gloom, the river of doom,
the chill of his soul from inside his core,
And, there she’s alone, knitting for him,
her love, more and more.
Love found the end, with the new beginning,
like a new festoon for her to decore,
But something held both of them back, from the shadow,
grilled them, chilled them, thrilled them with the nightmares,
The ego of their own ruled them both, it flew above their love with a sly grin to score.


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