Me :)

Writer, may not be a poet, But I write dreams, my dreams, I cry so loud inside me that they become words down into the papers, kill my imaginations through words 🙂

Love cartoons, anime and you can’t kill that ‘One Piece’ factor inside me!  🙂

Dreamer, movie lover and did I mention ‘Art’, photography !?!

I wanna learn every form of art this world has !!! 😀

Also an Electrical Engineer.

Love you all who encourage and motivate me, I’m because you are.


5 thoughts on “Me :)

  1. Hi Pawan,
    I was really sure I already hit the follow button, but I didn’t!
    Well, now I did 😉 Quite busy with all kind of various projects, so I am not sure, when I will be able to follow you more frequently here. However, I visit PaxetDolor magazine twice a week and I love the pieces of art you write for that.

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