The last bell of High school

The last bell of high school rang,

With the upsurge of loud cheers,

Eyes got rejuvenated with a sparkle brighter that the sun,

Shrunk lips longing for road side Panipuries bloomed up,

Boring lectures of boring classes with boring teachers,

All ended!!!

The amusement of the day was in the sky,

Hopes were hitting the roof,

Somewhere someone was planning to break his record of Chungi,

Some buried tales written while looking at the board,

Some gossips frozen between the lips and teeth,

In all those classes of ‘Pin-Drop-Silence’ were awaking from their grave,

They were overflowing through every body parts,

The choking knot of tie, loosened,

Squeezing shoes with their laces, loosened,

Head loosened,

No one would say, “What are you looking at?”

Fingers were making their way to drive through freedom,

The bulky bags were weightless,

As if all the gravity vanished within the blink of time,

The last bell,

Detonated happiness, soothing the mind,

The last bell

Mocked the first bell, revitalizing each and every soul,

The last bell

Echoed as if the god was whistling out from his almighty palace.


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